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Moon Palette No. 2

Moon Palette No. 2

Sylvan Clayworks

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This 7 Well Moon Artist Palette is a simple, classic look with a touch of handmade imperfection. Crescent shaped with plenty of room for mixing. A soft addition to the studio to bring some lunar inspiration. The white glaze “waves”, are different for every product. They are formed by the layers to glaze overlapping creating thicker ares of glaze “waves."

Measurements: 6" diameter

Materials: Cone 6 Stoneware clay, white gloss glaze


Founder of Sylvan Clayworks, Sarah Diane, makes high quality hand-made ceramic products. Diane focuses on the depth of nature and softness within her pieces. Being drawn to the soft strokes of Monet and the precise line work of Andy Warhol, she blends the two together in a satisfying and contrasting way that is pleasing to the eye. Every time you use a a Sylvan Clayworks piece it is to feel just like home.