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Special Matte Black Dip Pen

Special Matte Black Dip Pen


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This dip pen is wonderful to use for both decorated texts or drawings with ink. At 19cm long, it fits nicely in your hand with a balanced feeling to allow you to write with ease.

Kaweco was established in 1883 outside Heidelberg Germany, although it was not yet called Kaweco and the design that is the most recognizable, Kaweco Sport, was not designed until 1911. A fountain pen that was not a heavy, expensive desk piece but rather lightweight and convenient was an innovation. Ballpoint pens, what we would think of as an analogy to this experience, were invented in 1888 but a reasonably functional design was not produced until 1938 and popularization came mostly after World War II, by then the Kaweco Sport was a classic as well as many other designs produced by Kaweco.