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Katazome-shi #3

Katazome-shi #3

Japanese Paper Place

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"Katazome-shi" literally means stencil-dyed (katazome)papers (-shi). Developed during the 20th century in Kyoto, based on traditional kimono printing techniques, Katazome-shi is still made there today. These richly coloured papers are printed by hand, one colour at a time, using persimmon-dyed kozo as the stencils, and aided by paste and "Kojiro" (soy bean juice), the pigments absorb deeply into the paper to produce long-lasting colour. The navy background and sky blue vertical marks embody movement of the cool elements. 

Designs are sold as a 24 x 36" roll.


Nancy Jacobi started selling Japanese paper out of the back of her car in the early 1980’s, the Japanese Paper Place has expanded into a distributor of several thousand different kinds of Japanese papers. Their mission is to spread the beauty and creative potential of traditional, handmade Japanese paper.