Kozo Shuji Paper Roll

Kozo Shuji Paper Roll


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This 60 foot roll of plain Kozo paper is 11" wide and is designed for use in Sumi-e, calligraphy and paper crafts.

height 11 1/4"  width2 1/2'

Yasutomo and Company was established in June, 1954 by Mr. Ben Yasutomo. A man of vision, Mr. Yasutomo believed that "global marketing" was possible back in the 1950’s because he recognized that consumers in both the USA and Japan wanted products from the other’s country. He decided to set up an office in San Francisco, strategically located to develop commerce between the two countries. The initial goal was to supply stationery and artist materials from Japan to the USA and to distribute American candy and snack food products to Japan. After sixty years of experience, Yasutomo continues to source quality art supplies, writing instruments and craft materials from all over the world. Their goal remains to supply unique, affordable, and safe products.