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Ideal - Brass Paper Clips

Ideal - Brass Paper Clips

Tools to Liveby

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Brass paper clips in a geometric style from 1902. Perfect for keeping documents and important sheets of paper in check.

Pack of 10 brass paperclips


Tools to Live By is a stationery brand that began by gathering together some of the best products available for the home and office from brands around the world. They then slowly started to design products of their own. At Martha Mae, we are especially appreciative that they have reintroduced a line of clips and closures who’s designs originate from the 1880’s to 1918. The paper clip we know so well is not the only shape that wire can form in order to hold paper. Before it rose to dominance there was a group of other designs. Using a range of materials and finishes, Tools to Live By, has brought these designs back into production like saving endangered butterflies.