365notebook Pro A4
365notebook Pro A4

365notebook Pro A4


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Junpakushi paper has traditionally been used in Japanese calendars. Each page is semi transparent, with a whisper thin strength. It's thicker than tracing paper and thinner than almost any relative notepaper. One side has a satin finish while the other side has more tooth, more texture. This paper is beautiful for writing or sketching. It takes both graphite and ink well.  

The 365notebook Pro comes with a set of removable templates in grid, dot, spiral, and diagonal slash that you can use underneath your sheets of paper for trace and guide.

100 blank sheets
8.3" x 11.7" 



365 Notebooks are made by Shinnippon Calander Co. a company founded in Osaka in 1922 as a fan and calendar maker. After almost a century of experience making calendars their products have a sensitivity to the passing days and seasons. At Martha Mae, we appreciate that some ideas and moods are best broken up by season and other practices need a steady home, a new page, every day of the year. Shinnippon forseas all these needs with a subtle and comprehensive knowledge of paper.