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548/E Tricolor Plier Stapler

548/E Tricolor Plier Stapler

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The 548/E stapler is the "leader in the office, used every day by millions of loyal admirers who are satisfied with its quality, practicality, strength and endless capacity to function, even after years of continuous use" - presented here in the colors of Italy. Painted with lead-free enamels with high resistance to wear and corrosion; nickel-plated accents.

Uses 130/E and 130/Z (long leg) staples, with a loading capacity of 100 staples. The 130/E staples will fix up to 15 sheets of 80gsm paper, while 130/Z staples will manage 30. Maximum paper insertion is 47mm.

Holds 100 staples
Boxed; includes one box of 1000 130/E staples
Patented anti-jamming device;

Order with 548/E Tricolor Stapler Refill 130/E, or 548/E Tricolor Stapler Refill 130/Z (long leg.)

Founded 1924 (99 years ago..), Zenith staplers are 100% made in Italy - responsibly, passionately and with maximum respect to the environment.  Each durable stapler is individually tested after production; each is guaranteed for life.

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