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Mnemosyne A5 Notebook - Grid

Mnemosyne A5 Notebook - Grid

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Named after the Greek goddess for memory, each Mnemosyne notebook features a sturdy cover and is firmly bound with a dual ring system. This notebook features a landscape orientation with a top spiral, and the top of each page has room for date/no. and a page title. Mnemosyne products offer a top quality 80gsm paper that is perfect for a wide assortment of writing utensils. Because the paper has no cotton content, it is exceptionally smooth. There is almost no ink bleeding or dropout of ink to the back side, and you can use pencils to ballpoint pens, fountain pens and markers with ease. Because it is neutral paper, it has excellent preservation properties and is made mainly from planted trees, making it an environmentally friendly paper.

measures 6.25" x 8.25"
70 sheets of A5 (5.8" x 8.3") grided, perforated sheets

Mnemosyne is a product of Maruman, a Japanese company founded in 1920. The company has always focused on paper for use as stationery or in the fine arts and takes great pride in being part of the creative process. Where the blank page is occasionally ominous to artists, at Maruman it is the beginning of a partnership.

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