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Al Fresco Bundle

Al Fresco Bundle

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The Al Fresco Bundle is ready for the outdoors. Bring your creativity outside and paint what you see. The Beam Paints watercolor set is handmade and stored in an abalone shell with a travel brush. We've included a set of three notebooks, so bring them all or just one! The metal navy clip allows you to keep your work fastened.

Each Set Includes:
Healthy Forest Shell Watercolor Gift Set
mishmash x get messy art regular size notebook set
Clip/ M - Navy

A beautiful collection of four paints by Beam Paints in an abalone shell with a travel brush and a waxed cloth wrapper. This Healthy Forest watercolor set pulls inspiration from the colors of the deep summer forest. Made from plant based pigments and a homemade binder, the vivid colour rewets beautifully and is lightfast. The set includes four hues: Spring Green, Pine, Milkweed, and Robins Egg.

Set of three notebooks all come together with the protection of cardboard covers, enclosed in a bright yellow elastic band that doubles up as a paintbrush blotter. Choose to carry only one of the notebooks, or all three together. Use the elastic band to keep your creative tools, loose ephemera, and ideas together.

This clip holds so tight that it’s perfect for snack or coffee bags. It’s also useful for fastening documents on the desk.

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