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Anterique Stationers

Anterique Brass Ballpoint Pen - Pearl Grey

Anterique Brass Ballpoint Pen - Pearl Grey

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Timeless elegance meets functionality and precision. The Anterique Brass Ballpoint Pen features a lower shaft machined from a brass bar giving this Pen a comfortable and substantial weight of 26 grams (0.92 oz).

Anterique's oil-based ballpoint pens use an "ultra-low-viscosity mach ball ink" that is smooth and easy-flowing. This beautiful pen features an ultra-precisely processed pen tip with a built-in spring to avoid leakage and control the flow of ink for a crisp, non-smudging, ultra-fine .5mm line.

This pen is the secret to smooth and beautiful every day writing!  

Ultra-fine .5mm line; black ink
Click (knock) type 
Packaged in a unique tube suitable for gift-giving 
Made in Japan

Founded in Tokyo in 2019, Anterique Stationers has set out to match the comfort and dignified design of the classic mid-century pen with the latest technological advances in ink and materials. All products are made in Japan.

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