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Chen & Kai

Arm Vase with Banker Bag

Arm Vase with Banker Bag

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The playful and sophisticated Arm Vase with a Banker Bag. Based on the form of an amphora, this vase has two arms as handles and a gold rim. The vase comes with a miniature black banker bag which is filled with tiny bundles of $100 bills. The banker bag may be placed near the vase for display or worn around the arm as an accessory for the vase.

Porcelain White Glaze with Gold Detail
fabric banker bag and tiny bundles of $100 bills
Presented in a lilac-hued gift box
5.25" x 4.4" x 8"
Edition of 200

Friends from Pratt, Chen Chen & Kai Williams founded a design studio in New York in 2011. They offer a range of one of a kind designs as well as commercial products for the home and office that reimagine material uses.

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