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Libertine Fragrance

Burrow Perfume 1.6 oz - Vetiver, Smoke, Cedar

Burrow Perfume 1.6 oz - Vetiver, Smoke, Cedar

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This fragrance by Libertine Fragrance is about warmth during cold days. Smells like crackling fire, earthy woods, an ochre patina of spice, the embrace of a fire’s warmth on a winter’s night. In other words, the boundary between us and the world thinning as we look back. It is safety, it is comfort, it is warmth. Take the hand of all those that came before. Talk low and steady, deep into the night.

1.6 oz spray bottle

Libertine Fragrance is an independent perfume house crafting unisex fragrances for home and body in their Canadian perfume studio. They believe that a fine appreciation of the senses is an important part of a life well lived.

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