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Facture Goods

Ceramic Pinch Cup

Ceramic Pinch Cup

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These small ceramic pinch cups are a beautiful detail in any setting and have endless practical uses. They’re excellent for sprinkling spices when cooking and holding herbs in the kitchen, or as a container for rings or trinkets. They make lovely gifts to oneself or to a loved one, be it a for housewarming or host gift, holiday, or “just because.” Available in a lovely natural artichoke hue, a vibrant bluestone speckled with flecks of brown, a romantic dusty mauve, and a silvery white sea salt spotted with an earthy brown hue. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

“Each piece by Facture Goods has been made with my own two hands. I love to combine different materials in interesting and unexpected ways. I work with hardwoods, clay and metals to create small batch kitchen wares, utensils and provisions with a “primitive modern” aesthetic. By creating work that is somewhat rough, even crude, I am able to get my voice and touch into the work easily.” Erin Fisher, developer of Facture Goods, Chicago. 

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