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Add a spark of gold to your desk with the WMS & Co. colorpad. This heavyweight uncoated stock with golden edged foil is a stylish and subtle addition to your work area. The colorpad is available in two modular sizes that can be stacked together for create different compositions. Bound with mocha brown glue for a subtly lush presentation. Take a note, put your list, or sketch to your heart's content on these beautiful colorpads. Available in blush and greige. 

Small: 4.375" x 4.375"

Medium: 4.375” x 8.75”

Large: 8.75” x 8.75” 

185 sheets per pad

WMS & Co is the passion project of a team of design consultants who have spent the last two decades working for Tiffany and Co, West Elm, David Yurman, Jack Spade and The Drawing Center, among others. They make exquisitely practical tools or more specifically turn banal objects or office necessities into exquisite objects. Jotting a note, stamping a logo, placing a bookmark, handing someone a business card, each moment  suddenly holds real weight. Many of their designs have a slight gilding, all of them are of a quality we have rarely encountered before.

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