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Takeji Thinning Shears

Takeji Thinning Shears

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Takeji's Thinning shears are characterized by the smooth opening and closing and sharpness. They feature a coiled spring that is soft and does not spread too much when opened, making the scissors easy to handle. These scissors are used by Kyoto gardeners and planters when thinning out pine branches and are wonderful for various purposes such as trimming branches and leaves.

The entire surface of the scissors is covered with a black film called a phosphoric acid film to prevent it from rusting.

The soft blue/greenish grey leather case is made from goat leather and is handmade by shoemakers.

Note 1) Thinning means thinning out. In katakana notation, it is thinning shares.
Note 2) Since the thickness of the cutting edge is thin, when cutting a hard object such as a branch, cut it at the root.

Care instructions with a video demonstration can be found here.

 Length: 7 1/2”

For four generations, Tajika Haruo has been manufacturing handcrafted scissors and shears in their atelier located in Ono, Japan. Each piece is forged, tempered, shaped and sharpened by a father and son team, using traditional methods of ironworks reminiscent of past Japanese courts. Every specific pair is created to serve a particular purpose in the most functional manner and has been perfected through a dedication to the craft.

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