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Heartburst Houseplant

POP-UP Dried Pink Cornflower Petals

POP-UP Dried Pink Cornflower Petals

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Pink Cornflower has anti-inflammatory, astringent, and clarifying properties - useful in treating eye strain and infections - when brewed and applied topically as a soaked, warm compress. The tea may then be refrigerated and used as a calming facial toner. Use within a week for freshness. The tea may also be mixed with pink clay to make a restorative mask for sensitive skin types. Petals may be simmered with a mordant for a transitory natural fiber dye. The petals will also lend lovely color as a vitamin and mineral rich garnish, facial steam, bath brew, and oil infusion. Comes in a glass jar. 

Limited run
Form: dried petals
Plant name: Centaurea cyanus
Feature: antibiotic herb
Amount: ½ ounce

Efficiency is beauty at Heartburst Houseplant where owner Claire Schauble experiments with turning her home into a liveable nursery. She seeks to shorten the supply chain on plants by locally growing florals and houseplants indoors. Every sunlit spot in her home has been repurposed into small-scale farming space. Existing mother plants are trimmed, divided, pollinated, or otherwise propagated to produce new plants. The plant offspring is then individually maintained into fighting health for another plant lover to enjoy. Beautiful, tenderly loved plants make Claire’s heart feel like it's going to burst - in the best way. She takes distinct pleasure in sharing her appreciation for the natural world with every small plant she manicures and pots to perfection. In a zero waste initiative, Claire dries and sells the flowers she grows organically and incorporates them into sensory soaps as well. Dried flowers also serve as an environmentally friendly alternative or additive to conventional dyes, skincare, remedies, decor, and garnishes. 50% of sales from the Heartburst Houseplant Pop-Up will go to Outdoor Afro. Outdoor Afro is the nation’s leading, cutting edge network that celebrates and inspires Black connections and leadership in nature.

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