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Fun for Anyone Bundle

Fun for Anyone Bundle

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This bundle includes a little fun for anyone! A sweet gift for kids to create at home or on the go, or for your animal-loving friend who loves to doodle, journal, or write notes.

Each Set Includes:
Drawing + Graphic Marker Pasta: 5 Fluorescent Colors Set
Daily Records Stickers Set - Animal Feelings
Notebook for Paintable Stamps
Paintable Pre-Inked Stamp: Goat

Solid gel markers that draws smooth like a crayon in vivid yet translucent colors. Can be used for highlighting over fountain pen ink. Also works well on thin papers often used in planners, as it does not bleed through or show on the back of the paper.

These fun, animal stickers can be used to enhance your journal, decorate your planner, or to mark up your daily events in a lovely way. 

This notebook features a think cream paper with a golden beige grid wonderful to use with stamps, makers or light watercolor. It has a folding cover, that can be inserted between pages to prevent ink transfer or comes in handy as a bookmark.

A wonderful paintable stamp for notebooks, planners or letters. This stamp features an image of a pleased goat looking down on a scroll with a nibbled corner. The stamp is pre-inked so that you don't need to prepare an ink pad.

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