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Elytra Textiles

Gallatin Trails Woven Wall Hanging

Gallatin Trails Woven Wall Hanging

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 This lush woven hanging winds side to side. Inspired by the Gallatin Trails of Montana, winding through forests and mountains. Chelcie takes the essence of the trails to their purest form with loose cotton strands at the end delicately hanging to add a flourish of movement to the piece. The trails are raised up adding a soft texture that is a gift for the eyes. Would make an elegant piece in the home, office, or studio. 

Measures 31 x 17" and 18" wooden hanging


Elytra Textiles specializes in small batch and custom hand-woven fabrics designed and woven by Chelcie Wudtke.  Founded in 2013, Elytra (pronounced el-uh-truh) is a one woman operation located in the Lincoln Square neighborhood in Chicago, IL. All fabrics are hand-woven from cotton and bamboo fibers on an 8 harness wooden floor loom. 

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