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Gold Moon Calendar 2023

Gold Moon Calendar 2023

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A premium edition of Replug’s fashionable monthly Moon Calendar with moon embossments stamped with gold foil. Each month features the monthly moon cycle as it transitions from full, waxing, waning, and new moon. Replug has designed the shade of gold to have a subtle shimmer that shifts between gold and silver depending on the light. The minimal typography, use of white space, and large embossed circular moon shapes make this calendar a beautiful addition to your office or home space. You will always have the awareness around the moon cycles with this lunar calendar. This calendar is a January 2023 to December 2023 edition.

11.7” W × 13.5” L
12 sheets

Replug is a brand launched by creators of TDS Co., Ltd. in Tokyo, that offers advertisement planning and design creation services. Replug creates unique stationery products that reflect creativity. Their products range from business card files, sticky notes to wall calendars. Replug creators are proud of their simple yet warm designs which will bring comfort into a user’s life. All Replug products are made in Japan.

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