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Gradation Diary Daylight Hours 2023 - Navy

Gradation Diary Daylight Hours 2023 - Navy

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The beautiful B6 Gradation Diary by Midori features a monthly view (December 2021 - January 2023) including the moon phases and a 24 hour weekly view (December 2021 - December 2023) featuring a light blue to pink gradient displaying the daylight hours. The planner also includes 16 horizontal ruled memo pages, morning and night to-do list, seasonal notes, seasonal annual plan table, and 3-month habit check table. This planner has a textured PVC cover with a gold foil accents, MD paper, a thread sewn binding that lays wonderfully flat at every page and two string bookmarks, one burgundy and one navy. 

5" x 7"
176 pages

Since the 1950’s Midori has been asking themselves, “How can we update and hone the comfort of writing?” Part of their answer lay in using broad leafed trees with softer pulp rather than conifers. Another part came through using filtered river water rather than treated water. Yet another was to take away the cover from the notebook, which often makes notebooks harder to open and decreases the comfort of writing. Instead they use a cheesecloth tape, often found on the inside of book bindings. Every stage of production is monitored by the human hand. How does the pulp feel immersed in water? How does the page feel when you run your hands across it? How does the pen feel as it slides over the paper?
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