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Hinoki & Moss Incense Cone

Hinoki & Moss Incense Cone

Libertine Fragrance

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This incense one by Libertine Fragrance holds notes of hinoki wood (Japanese cypress), cedar wood, and moss. "Soft, woody and meditative our Hinoki & Moss incense recall a gentle tranquility of the ancient Japanese incense tradition." Each bottle comes with 15-17 cones with a 20-30 minute burn time, expect aroma to linger for 2-3 hours. 


Libertine Fragrance is an independent perfume house crafting unisex fragrances for home and body in their Canadian perfume studio. They believe that a fine appreciation of the senses is an important part of a life well lived.


Note: Never burn incense unattended, only burn on heat proof surface away from flammable material.