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Holy Golden Smoke  Regular Size Notebook

Holy Golden Smoke Regular Size Notebook


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Holy golden smoke regular-size is a golden side stitched notebook inspired by a great precious stone that fell from the sky according to Portuguese mythos. With a smoke cover, holy golden is full of blank paper lined ever so slightly with iridescent gold making any mundane notetaking or to-do an immediate beautiful and exciting process. 

Features a spine stitch

128 pages

6 3/4" x 9 1/2" 


mishmash is a Portuguese handmade minimalist office supplies brand that aims to break through the mind of every design enthusiast by presenting a selection of disruptive products. Aiming to fill a gap in a stagnant market, mishmash is triggering the creativity in every mind by looking inside objects, emphasizing their different functions and purposes. mishmash creates a visionary way of looking at an object by enhancing simplicity through a complexity of thought and design, the idea that minimalism is not merely frugal. mishmash does not seek to adorn its products, rather preferring to highlight their natural colours with a careful selection of materials, keeping in mind that quality is of utmost importance.