Kaweco Special Ballpoint

Kaweco Special Ballpoint


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This ballpoint pen has an elegant octagonal stem and a clean button release on the end. The high quality brass will develop a soft patina over time. 

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.1 mm

approx. 5 1/5"


Kaweco was established in 1883 outside Heidelberg Germany, although it was not yet called Kaweco and the design that is the most recognizable, Kaweco Sport, was not designed until 1911. A fountain pen that was not a heavy, expensive desk piece but rather lightweight and convenient was an innovation. Ballpoint pens, what we would think of as an analogy to this experience, were invented in 1888 but a reasonably functional design was not produced until 1938 and popularization came mostly after World War II, by then the Kaweco Sport was a classic as well as many other designs produced by Kaweco.