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Kyo Iro Ink: Soft Snow of Ohara

Kyo Iro Ink: Soft Snow of Ohara

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This muted blue ink from the Kyo-Iro line of inks is called Soft Snow of Ohara, inspired by the tranquil transition from fall to winter in Ohara, a village near Kyoto. The blue-ish grey hue with a hint of purple is meant to evoke the sacred atmosphere of standing in a cedar grove when snow is falling, experiencing both the red leaves of autumn and the first gentle snow of winter. The Kyo-Iro inks are excellent for fountain pens and dip pens, as well as other ink media. Because the inks are produced in small batches, the color may vary slightly from one bottle to another. 

Each bottle holds 40ml

Kyo-Iro is a line of inks made in small batches that are a collaboration between the Kusakizome Lab and TAG Stationery in Kyoto, Japan. Kusakisome refers to a traditional dyeing technique that is often used for dyeing textiles like kimonos. The inks are inspired by famous places in Kyoto and celebrate its rich history and profound culture.

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