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Letter Writing Bundle

Letter Writing Bundle

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This bundle is a perfect set for beginners or lovers of the written word. Elegant, yet minimal, everything you need to profess your feelings (whatever they may be) is included in this set. Need some inspiration? Read our Journal entry on "How to Write a Letter" for tips, tricks, and some letter history.

Each Set Includes:
J. Herbin Round Glass Dip Pen - Transparent
Blue-Black Fountain Pen Ink
MD Envelope Sideways
MD Letter Pad Horizontal

Herbin's elegant, hand-blown glass dip pen. The spiral tip acts as an ink reservoir. Wonderful for use with both fountain pen ink or calligraphy/dip pen ink. Ergonomic handle, in a black gift box.

A rich blue-black ink inside of an elegant handmade glass bottle. The deep blue KWZ iron gall ink is made in Poland.

Set of eight cotton envelopes by Midori. Each envelope is made from two layers of MD Paper to provide Midori’s time-honored writing comfort while still being thick enough to keep your writing private.

Midori’s thoughtfully minimal letter pad is carefully crafted to both create a superbly comfortable writing experience and provide a sophisticated aesthetic. The use of blank space on the letter pad heightens the effect of the paper’s pleasing cotton texture- a softness that feels like it is infused with air.

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