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Material Studies: 5
Material Studies: 5

Material Studies: 5

Jean Cate

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This painting by Jean Cate is made with salt, ink, watercolor and pastel on a wooden panel. In this series, Cate experiments with materials in several iterations, revisiting compositions with a more maximalist approach. Cate pulls inspiration from visualizing an image of digging deeper into a hole, moving forward through darkness as opposed to climbing out. In her investigations, Cate creates a composition that is both radiating and absorbing, the subtle grain of the birchwood panel swirling beneath layers of deep navy ink and rich pastels.

Ink, salt, watercolor and pastel on birchwood panel with unfinished oak edges
16” x 20” x 1.5”

Jean Cate, the artist, has said about this series: "This method of working is driven by the inherent qualities and interactions of each material. Wood is an absorbent ground that reacts and interacts to the applications of water, ink and salt. I find that what I do as the painter, is to respond to those spontaneous material relationships and let the lines in the wood or the trails of ink or bursts of salt guide me to the next gesture. Inspired by traditional Chinese and Japanese ink painting."