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Miwax Cutting Mat

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The Miwax Cutting Mat is a PVC cutting mat featuring a dot grid at a .5 inch interval. Available in two colors: black and white and two sizes: A3 (17.75" x 11.75") and A4 (12" x 8.75").

Usage Notes:

Do not cut excessively by putting too much force with a cutting blade. It may cause penetration and damage to the bottom of the cutting mat.

Do not wipe with alcohol and thinner solvents. 

It will cause deformation and the grid to disappear.

Do not keep mat close to fire or place it in a place exposed to high temperature or direct sunlight. It may cause deformation.

Please do not place hot objects such as cups on. It may cause deformation.

When storing, please avoid high temperature direct sunlight, please be sure to keep it in a flat state. If it is leaned and stored, it may cause deformation.


Established in 1946, MIWAX has been developing and producing stationery from raw materials to finished products in their domestic Japanese factories. Focusing deskmats and cutting mats, they have handled not only own MIWAX products but also various OEM products.