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Morning Gouache Travel Bundle

Morning Gouache Travel Bundle

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Inspired by Beam Paint's birch block palette, our Morning Guache Travel Bundle showcases the beauty of natural simplicity. The paints are handmade with plant-based and indigenous pigments to the M'chigeeng First Nation on Manitoulin Island. While the paper in the sketchbook is made with 100% post-consumer waste and is tree free.

Each Set Includes:
Gouache 11 by Beam Paints
Blending Quill Size 40 by SilverBrush
Watercolor Sketchbook 6x9 with Hot Press Paper by Shizen

A perfect gift and introduction to the beauty and simplicity that Beam Paints offers. This set of eleven gouache colors. Each color rests in a birch block palette made from off cuts of a sustainable indigenous forestry operation. This birch "cookie" adds natural character to the artist's studio.

Atelier Quill Brush made with white goat hair. Perfect for use with oils, acrylics or watercolors. 8 mm x 32 mm

With their cloth covers and lay flat bindings, and inner back pocket, these 20 sheet sketchbooks are perfect to travel with. You can rip out the pages so that your paintings can live outside of the book. The hot press 140lb recycled cotton rag paper provides a smoother surface to create on. They're soft, absorbent and and take layers of colors beautifully. 6x9.

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