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Mudtools Baby Bump

Mudtools Baby Bump

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Smaller than The Bump, The Baby Bump is designed to extend the potter’s or sculptor’s reach up to 13 inches and give you the leverage you need to move clay where your hand can’t. The aluminum rod is stiff but can be altered by bending in order to suit your individual need for throwing or hand building clay. The sponge end is a dense absorbable material with a hard center.

13" long and 1" wide


Made in Bat Cave North Carolina, Mudtools began because of a gap in the market. Artist Michael Sherrill couldn’t find the right tools to make his work. So he started making his own. People saw how the tools performed and wanted them for themselves. A business was born. Mudtools are particularly well known for their self polishing ribs. Made in 6 different shape for the various needs of hand builders and throwers, each of the 6 shapes come in a gradation of four hardnesses.

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