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Mudtools Signature Petal Knife 5

Mudtools Signature Petal Knife 5


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The Petal Knives are handcrafted from professional grade carbon steel, copper and reclaimed local hardwood. The blades are made of sharpened carbon steel so the tool’s edge slices through the clay rather than pushing through it. The spooned petal shape of the blade helps you scoop into the clay rather than simply sheering off flat planes. This 5th Petal Knife is slightly flatter and less curved than the blades of 1, 2, 3, and 4. 

blade about 2 3/4" long
entire tool 6 7/8"


Made in Bat Cave North Carolina, Mudtools began because of a gap in the market. Artist Michael Sherrill couldn’t find the right tools to make his work. So he started making his own. People saw how the tools performed and wanted them for themselves. A business was born. Mudtools are particularly well known for their self polishing ribs. Made in 6 different shape for the various needs of hand builders and throwers, each of the 6 shapes come in a gradation of four hardnesses.