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Plant/ Painting Mister 10oz

Plant/ Painting Mister 10oz

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The Haws Mister helps keep plants and flowers healthy and beautiful. At Martha Mae, we like to use the mister for orchids but it’s also perfect to keep watercolor paper an even dampness when we want colors to bleed. The metal finish can be kept polished or it will naturally patina to a soft glow. Available in brass or nickel finish.

Height:  5 ½ inches
Width:  3 ⅜ inches

It might be because of all those herbaceous borders and thirsty hedge mazes, but Haws has been making fine English watering cans since 1886. Ergonomically designed to balance the weight of water with the reach of spouts. Haws makes watering vessels for every purpose and plant need, from large bellied to the most delicate misters.

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