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Elytra Textiles

Notebook Paper Baby Blanket

Notebook Paper Baby Blanket

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Reminiscent of school writing days and English papers needing to be written in beautiful script. This baby blanket is made of extra soft 100% US grown cotton, perfect for baby's sensitive skin. The cotton is soft and supple to the touch as Wudtke weaves all of her pieces together by hand on a traditional floor loom in Chicago.

Measures approximately 36 x 36"

Wash in cold water and dry flat for long-lasting care of your blanket.


Elytra Textiles specializes in small batch and custom hand-woven fabrics designed and woven by Chelcie Wudtke.  Founded in 2013, Elytra (pronounced el-uh-truh) is a one woman operation located in the Lincoln Square neighborhood in Chicago, IL. All fabrics are hand-woven from cotton and bamboo fibers on an 8 harness wooden floor loom. 

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