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Playful Paper Bundle

Playful Paper Bundle

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The Playful Paper Bundle is meant to create fun for everyone! Keep it on your desk, gift it to your child, bring it on vacation. The possibilities for fun are endless. It includes a set of Pasta Solid Gel Markers that are both vivid, yet translucent. Doodle, draw, or highlight with these fluorescent tools. They are beautiful to use on the Hanji paper in the red hand-silkscreened notebook. It's soft, smooth, and doesn't tear easily - great for kid's playtime or car time. Also included are a set of festive, colorful stickers! This bundle comes gift wrapped.

Each Set Includes:
Hanaduri Travel Red Hanji Book- Dot Grid
Drawing + Graphic Marker Pasta: 5 Fluorescent Colors Set
Daily Records Stickers Set

This dot grid Hanji notebook by Hanaduri has a hand-silkscreened, vibrant red cover. This durable and lightweight travel notebook is non-toxic and eco-friendly. Hanji, the name of traditional handmade paper of Korea, has been in use for over one thousand years and is environmentally friendly since it uses only the bark of the mulberry tree and not the tree itself. 4.3" x 8.3" - 24 dotted sheets.

Solid gel markers that draws smooth like a crayon in vivid yet translucent colors. Can be used for highlighting over fountain pen ink. Also works well on thin papers often used in planners, as it does not bleed through or show on the back of the paper. PASTA comes from Pastel + Art, and like pastels, colors can be layered and blended together. Twisting the bottom will extend the marker. 5 fluorescent colors: blue, green, orange, pink, yellow.

Fun, colorful stickers can be used to enhance your journal, decorate your planner, or to mark up your daily events in a lovely way. They make a festive addition to any letter or planner page. Add something special to your writing!

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