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Heartburst Houseplant

POP-UP Mammillaria Hahniana

POP-UP Mammillaria Hahniana

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AVAILABLE FOR IN-STORE PICKUP ONLY. When mature, this cactus is covered in white spines and long white down with a crown of flowers, earning its name “Old Lady Cactus.” Water when the pot is lightweight and soil is dry. Provide bright light and some direct sun. Fertilize during summer and lessen watering during winter. Do not repot until the current pot is outgrown. Use a well draining potting soil or soilless mix with ample perlite. This plant is under a year old and will not tolerate non-ideal conditions or stresses. For this reason, I recommend these cuties to experienced plant parents and collectors who understand their delicate nature and care. Toxic to cats and dogs, keep out of reach.

Comes in a plastic pot. 

Efficiency is beauty at Heartburst Houseplant where owner Claire Schauble experiments with turning her home into a liveable nursery. She seeks to shorten the supply chain on plants by locally growing florals and houseplants indoors. Every sunlit spot in her home has been repurposed into small-scale farming space. Existing mother plants are trimmed, divided, pollinated, or otherwise propagated to produce new plants. The plant offspring is then individually maintained into fighting health for another plant lover to enjoy. Beautiful, tenderly loved plants make Claire’s heart feel like it's going to burst - in the best way. She takes distinct pleasure in sharing her appreciation for the natural world with every small plant she manicures and pots to perfection. In a zero waste initiative, Claire dries and sells the flowers she grows organically and incorporates them into sensory soaps as well. Dried flowers also serve as an environmentally friendly alternative or additive to conventional dyes, skincare, remedies, decor, and garnishes. 50% of sales from the Heartburst Houseplant Pop-Up will go to Outdoor Afro. Outdoor Afro is the nation’s leading, cutting edge network that celebrates and inspires Black connections and leadership in nature. 

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