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E + M Germany

Prisma Ruler in Maple

Prisma Ruler in Maple

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This triangular prisma ruler is both stylish and compact- perfect for keeping on a desk or in a pencil case. The ruler is made from maple wood with a natural finish and features 15cm markings on one side and 6” markings on the other.

6.3” x .4” x .4”

E + M is a fourth-generation company specializing in wooden writing instruments. The company started in 1899 in Nuremberg and has since moved to Neumarkt. One of E + M’s major concerns is to keep the old traditions of classical manufacturing alive and transform them into modern production processes. E + M sources their wood from sustainably managed forests. Additionally, the wood chips and wood waste that occurs during production are fed into a modern furnace to generate energy, which then heats the production and office facilities.
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