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Saint Rita Parlor

Saint Rita Parlor Signature Fragrance Incense

Saint Rita Parlor Signature Fragrance Incense

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Comprised of over 18 rare and organic essential oils. Handmade by Saint Rita Parlor in Los Angeles, California. With notes of whiskey, tobacco and rose to ground the senses. Rita would tend to her rose garden whilst smoking a hand rolled tobacco cigarette and drinking a whiskey and water. Each small glass jar contains 25 pyres

Glass container with brass lid.

Burn time: 20 minutes


Neil Bardon grew up watching his grandmother with fascination. When he was an adult he founded a design company with those memories at its core. Although, Saint Rita Parlor makes eyewear and leather goods, nothing shows off the intent of the company more than its fragrances. Rita used to prune her rose garden while smoking a hand rolled cigarette, one hand reaching for a whiskey and water as the afternoon sun dripped down the sky. The perfumes are like a Truman Capote story or a lost memory.

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