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Taco-Ashi Octopus Sticky Notes

Taco-Ashi Octopus Sticky Notes

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This unique and playful octopus notepad is fun for both the user and the onlooker. This sticky note set comprises 15 sets of nine parts, totaling in 135 pieces, for eight arms and a head. Each part has a different shape and pattern, and are perfect for using as a bookmark, scrap paper, or writing a message. The octopus head has enough space to use for writing down notes, and when using several of the pieces together, it looks as if an octopus is crawling from the books and documents it occupies.

4.2” x 7.9”
1 pack of 135 sheets (15 sheets x 9 parts)

Replug is a brand launched by creators of TDS Co., Ltd. in Tokyo, that offers advertisement planning and design creation services. Replug creates unique stationery products that reflect creativity. Their products range from business card files, sticky notes to wall calendars. Replug creators are proud of their simple yet warm designs which will bring comfort into a user’s life. All Replug products are made in Japan.
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