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Elytra Textiles

Tassel Wall Hangings

Tassel Wall Hangings

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Simply hang alone on a nail - we love the accent of a brass nail - to add some movement in the home or office. Also makes a great addition to a gallery wall or grouped with other tassels. Handmade by Wudtke on a traditional floor loom. 

Available in the following styles:

Horizon Tassel Wall Hanging measures 12 x16"

Sunrise Tassel Wall Hanging measures 10 x 18" 

Martha Tassel Wall Hanging measures 10 x 18"

Small Sunrise Tassel Hanging measures 4 1/2 x 13"

Small Sunrise Tassel Hanging in Black measures 4 1/2 x 13"



Elytra Textiles specializes in small batch and custom hand-woven fabrics designed and woven by Chelcie Wudtke.  Founded in 2013, Elytra (pronounced el-uh-truh) is a one woman operation located in the Lincoln Square neighborhood in Chicago, IL. All fabrics are hand-woven from cotton and bamboo fibers on an 8 harness wooden floor loom. 

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