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Ghost Office

Tea Egg Jumpsuit

Tea Egg Jumpsuit

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A heavy tan cotton shirt connected with metallic thread to heavy tan cotton pants.

5 pockets

23" waist
29" inseam
15 1/2" collar to waistband
25" armpit to armpit
31" collar to cuff
58" total length

Ghost Office recommends rolling, cutting or hemming cuffs to fit your height. Unlike some of their garments, this jumpsuit's zipper is sewn down, so make sure there is leeway in the waistband measurement to get in and out of the suit. To find out more about sizing, go to where you'll find a sizing page. Machine wash cold, hang or tumble dry. The gold thread will eventually fade and the raw seam at the waist feather with washing.  

Ghost Office offers a limited range of handmade garments each recycled from preexisting clothing, echoing the tradition of distressed denim, denim that has been sanded to a soft finish and seems to announce how hard the wearer has worked at whatever it is that they do. This softness, those holes and tears translate into authenticity and sexiness, maybe because work is sexy, all the more so for being slightly bodiless as one is when lost within a jumpsuit. Whether you’re doing thinking work, physical work, artistic work, housework or office work, you might find that these unisex, mostly sizeless pieces fit. All money spent on materials goes to charities. Ghost Office doesn't use plastic, wrap the jumpsuits in tissue paper or add their own label. They remove labels. The mark of gold repair somewhere on the garment is the only sign of their name. 

Made in indiana

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