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Tiny Wishes Bundle

Tiny Wishes Bundle

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This bundle is for tiny wishes or tiny thoughts. Write your loved ones a little wish and include a tiny candle. Ask them to burn while they read your hopes for them. Or light a candle while writing to a friend, bringing all the good energy to your words.

Each Set Includes:
Mini Notecard Set of 10 - Blue
Minimo .5 Ballpoint Pen
Tiny Candlestick Bundle

This small 2" x 3" flat card and envelope is a tiny bit of elegance. The paper is the venerable Classic Laid from Original Crown Mill, Belgium. It matches all of the other Classic Laid stationery which opens up the possibility for table cards and more.

This incredibly delicate ballpoint pen i almost ridiculously tiny. Perfect for wallet notebooks, handbags, the sophisticated child in your life or just an incredibly fine writing experience. 

Bundle of tiny 100% beeswax candlesticks. Each candle is handmade by nuns at the Holy Nativity Convent outside of Boston. Burn an end and the wick will reveal itself.

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