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Midnight Sky Watercolor Bundle
Midnight Sky Watercolor Bundle
Midnight Sky Watercolor Bundle

Midnight Sky Watercolor Bundle

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These curated collections of watercolor materials offer an opportunity to inspire creativity in your painting practice. The high quality materials included in this bundle are versatile yet unique, and enable the user to delve into the watercolor medium with ease and intention. The supplies included in these sets make a lovely introductory collection of materials or excellent additions to an existing repertoire of watercolor supplies. 

Each set features:
-one size 8 round watercolor brush
-the Midnight Sky Mini Palette by Beam Paints
-one 6x9" hot press watercolor notebook

The Black Velvet Size 8 Round Watercolor Brush S3000S which is a high quality, versatile brush that is ideal for watercolor painting. Black Velvet Watercolor Brushes are made with a blend of squirrel and synthetic hairs. This  round series S3000S is a great multi use round detail brush: lifts color gently, multiple layer glazing, maximum carrying capacity. 

The midnight sky mini palette is made by Beam paints, and all pigments and binders are made of Manitoulin honey and gum Arabic. The paints are packed in a palette handmade from reclaimed White Birch. The Midnight Night Sky mini palette is inspired by the majestic night skies on Manitoulin which cradle beautiful stars and dark sky preserves where you can see the magnitude of our size in the universe. The various shades of black with the accent of buff titanium adds the depth and expansiveness that only black can conjure. 

This watercolor sketchbook Shizen Designs has a charcoal linen cover. The notebook is 6”x9” and contains 20 sheets that can fold out so your paintings can live outside of the book. The book has a lay flat binding and the hot press 140lb paper provides a smoother surface to create on. This paper is soft, absorbent and takes layers of colors beautifully.