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Andrew Jessup

Wood + Glass Botanical Holder I

Wood + Glass Botanical Holder I

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This wooden vase is made from salvaged wood balanced and then pieced together. A hole  is driven into the top to hold one simple glass vial. This is easily removable to clean or refill with water. It can serve as a bud vase for roses or any vegetal clippings from the garden or small blown down branches from a walk. 

Approximate dimensions: (from base to top of glass) 14" x 11"

"My pottery and sculptures are about my struggle to create something truly unique. Whether it's a cup, bowl, vase or sculpture, I want it to be beautifully crafted and one of a kind. I appreciate oddities and try to reflect that in my work. For me, each piece of clay is born in the fire and has a lifetime of experiences to share with you. I have a story for each of them. I invite you, the viewer to look at each piece and find your own story." - Andrew Jessup

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