Our correspondences have wings -
paper birds that fly from my house to yours -
flocks of ideas crisscrossing the country.
Once opened, a connection is made.
We are not alone in the world.

– Terry Tempest Williams

Language and the way we communicate is always evolving. There were cave paintings before there was paper. The internet can make the spread of knowledge feel fast, but it’s always worth slowing down. A handwritten letter is more touching than an e-mail in the same way a hug is more endearing than a handshake.

Letters are magic! They can propose love, start scavenger hunts, tell stories, ask questions, create opportunities, recommend, rebel, employ, anger, and comfort.

The materials we use:
- They say words can cut so it’s handy to have a letter opener.
- Having notecards or stationery on hand takes the scramble to find a scrap of paper out of the equation. It's never fun to lose a thought.
- A writing utensil case is clutch for letter writing on the go.
- An enjoyable writing utensil is key! We prefer pens for when you know exactly what to say and pencils for when you do not.

Letter Writing Tools

Before you dive in, it is best to think about the person or group of people you are writing.

- What do you want to say?

- How do you want to say it?

- What do they care about?

- How can you make them feel special?

- Make it simple. Even if you have something that's complicated to relay.

- Make it fun. We love little drawings, flow charts, blueprints, and venn diagrams.

- Tell a joke. Why didn't the paper bike move? It was stationary.

- Compliment! Congratulate! Commiserate!

We love crafting letters, but writer's block can be a thing. If you feel stuck go for a walk. The best notes are often composed while doing other things.

Formal steps to writing a letter:

- Time & Place (most often just a date)

- Greetings & Salutations (Dear Friend...)

- Lay out why you have taken the time to say hello. Pour the tea. Write legibly.

- A Complementary Close (Sincerely, Warm Wishes, Love)

- Signature

- P.S. stands for Post Script (the land of after thoughts)

Letter inspiration

Letters can be a way to introduce yourself and play with language. Robert sent this letter across the country in 1934. In 1950 he went on to win an Oscar. Do yourself a favor a read this out loud.

Did you know that the Declaration of Independence is a letter? A committee of five people wrote it and 56 people signed it. John Hancock's name was first and is now synonymous with the word signature as well as a pretty famous building in Chicago.

We hope that we have inspired you to gather your thoughts and exercise your voice.

“Real letter-writing ... is founded on a need as old and as young as humanity itself, the need that one human being has of another.”
—Agnes Repplier