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Vanity Fair

“It looks really great in a store setting, and when you see it, it’s luxurious and tactile.” These cards come from G. Lalo, a French company that supplied stationery for royal courts across Europe in the 20th century.Read here.

Travel + Leisure

Fans of stationery and art supplies should consider heading over to Martha Mae's online shop for a beautifully curated selection of goods that they'll be proud to display on their desk or workspace.Read here.

Chicago Magazine

Get back to simple practices, like putting good old-fashioned pen to paper, to create a sense of calm and purpose.Read here.

Chicago Magazine Best of Chicago

Every object in this treasure box of a shop in Andersonville—pens, sketchpads, scissors, you name it—feels like a work of art, thanks to owner Jean Cate’s insistence on exquisite design. Pick up a wooden box of paints, or browse the original sketches, frameable Japanese papers, and art books.Read here.


Jean Cate set up her shop for art supplies and everyday tools in 2016. She makes the artwork lining the walls, as well as some of the ceramics.Read here.


Named after owner Jean Marie Cate’s beloved Cavalier King Charles Spaniel,Martha Maeis a lovingly designed shop specializing in art supplies and beautiful, useful things for the home.Read here.

Cereal Magazine

Issue 14

The Shopkeepers

In Bed

Jean Cate, owner of the uniquely curated store,Martha Mae, resonates with simplicity, earthy colour palettes and staggered ceramic shapes. The dove grey walls of her apartment juxtapose the golden frames that shape her illustrations, etches and prints, depicting the understated warmth and curiosity that defines her store.Read here.

Cup of Joe

Their name kind of says it all — stocks the finest art and office supplies from all over the world. On a recent visit, owner Jean Cate had me giddy over the handblown glass pens from Japan that are such a pleasure to write with.Read here.

The Anna Edit

Chicago Reader

An Andersonville shopkeeper redefines retail therapy.Read here.

Chicago Reader Gift Guide

Timeout Chicago

It's unlike any other art supply store in the city. Come here for supplies as well as gifts for the art-lover in your life (or, you know, yourself).Read here.

Driftless Magazine


If your Valentine would prefer a bouquet of beautifully made pencils to flowers, we recommend a visit toMartha Mae.Read here.


As temperatures rise, seasons shift, and fresh colors return to the landscape, we are feeling moved to spend more time outside. We love to venture out with creative supplies to make and take in the ever-changing landscape.Read here.

Yvonne Malone

Once in awhile, you walk into a store and feel transported to another world. Martha Mae: Art Supplies & Beautiful Things is one such place.Read here.

Block Club Chicago

An art supplies and gift shop is evolving into a virtual store and maker space.Read here.

Wallpaper* City Guide

"Wallpaper* City Guides are compiled by the magazine's travel experts, in-house editors and on-the-ground correspondents who are part of the local scene, providing under-the-radar insider recommendations." Find the Chicago Guide here.