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I view Martha Mae as a vehicle to serve, connect and celebrate creativity. I am so grateful for the community of collaborators, customers and friends that share my passion for celebrating everyday practices, work and life through beautiful and thoughtfully designed things. This time has crystalized how powerful and necessary connection is and I look forward to continuing and deepening my connection with you. Our brick and mortar shop will be closing at the end of August. I manifested through this physical space my deepest desire which is creating harmony and connection and I look forward to reimagining and forging new pathways to serve this purpose and be in conversation through the expansion of our online shop and digital content. Looking forward to continuing this journey with you. 

With Gratitude,
Jean & Martha


Martha Mae: Art Supplies & Beautiful Things offers a curated selection of tools for writing, drawing, painting and ceramics as well as supplies with broader applications for everyday life at home and in the office. We carry brands from Japan, France, Germany, England, and Canada as well as products from design teams in New York and LA and local artists from Chicago and the region, each of whom carefully design and source their materials. Each brand we carry takes great care in the products that they make and we are honored to carry items that are both thoughtfully sourced, as well as often using reusable, recycled or refillable formats.

At Martha Mae, we believe that the objects we use and handle daily can be beautiful while being useful. Further, we think that the small pleasure of cutting with well-designed scissors or writing with a subtly scented ink can have a ripple effect on our everyday spaces and happiness. I should introduce myself, the we I speak of are myself, Jean Cate and my beloved cavalier king charles spaniel, Martha Mae, the namesake of the shop. I’m an artist myself and after graduating from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, I started this store as a way to open my practice and share the tools I’ve found through painting, sculpting and drawing as well as those tools I’ve found while attempting to live a beautiful life.