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Kitchen Shears
Kitchen Shears

Kitchen Shears


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Made of stainless steel, these heavy-duty shears are hygienic, strong and don’t rust. The blades have finely honed edges for precise cutting. 

There are two kinds of kitchen shears, ones where the two blades separate and ones where they are secured together. The shears that separate are easier to clean and sharpen. You are welcome to choose based on your preference.

Dimensions: 3” (w) x 8” (l) x 0.375” (h) 

Care instructions with a video demonstration can be found here

For four generations, Tajika Haruo has been manufacturing handcrafted scissors and shears in their atelier located in Ono, Japan. Each piece is forged, tempered, shaped and sharpened by a father and son team, using traditional methods of ironworks reminiscent of past Japanese courts. Every specific pair is created to serve a particular purpose in the most functional manner and has been perfected through a dedication to the craft.