One year, while traveling to islands and through the lake district around Lake Como, Sébastien Cordoleani began to think about the ideal design for a travel bag. Maybe he lost something, maybe he lacked what he needed but we imagine an event provoked him into wondering: what objects do I really need to carry and how can they be carried most efficiently and elegantly? After much thought, he got the idea for one piece of leather, cut in a pattern so that it folds together like a box whose shape is molded by the natural curve of the leather and the pressure of the strap hanging from a shoulder. The seamless bag was born. Made of leather, tanned traditionally and slowly with vegetable dies in Tuscany. Constructed by hand in a small studio in Paris. Archipel started with a travel bag but the line and the questions have expanded to different aspects of life. These bags are designed around what they hold. From passport, wallet, sunglasses and book to a working day of laptop, folder and wallet. Each bag begins by thinking about what goes inside, what people need, before designing what they will look like on the outside.
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