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Akashiya Japanese Design Brush Set 3Pc

Akashiya Japanese Design Brush Set 3Pc

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This Akashiya Japanese Design Brush Set 3Pc contains three pieces, each featuring a moderate, firm tip ideal for watercolor painting or calligraphy. Akashiya has crafted top-notch brushes since 1716 in Nara, Japan and these pens come with bamboo handles and a blend of soft wool and horsehair in the bristle tips.

The brush tip is crafted to hold paint with moderate resilience and should be massaged with your fingertips and wetted prior to use to remove any adhesive residue.

Length: 8.25"-8.5”

Founded in 1624, Akashiya Co., Ltd. of Nara, Japan has achieved renown for its calligraphy brushes. Kiyokawa Sakanai of Nara was taught Chinese brush calligraphy by the famous Japanese monk Kobo Daishi around 800, initiating the art of Japanese brush calligraphy thereafter. Nara brushes, created at this period, are also referred to as "Nara Fude (brush)".

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