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Arches Cold Press Watercolor Pad

Arches Cold Press Watercolor Pad

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These watercolor sketch pads by Arches are of the same high quality paper you're accustomed to in their watercolor blocks but in a slimmer, lighter weight book. Cold press paper has a slightly rough texture wonderful for watercolor landscape painting.This 9" x 12" pad has 12 sheets of 140 lb paper. 

Arches has a long, proud history. Like any business that has survived centuries there were great successes and moments of near collapse. The paper mill was built in the village of Arches in Northeastern France in 1492. One year later, paper from the mill was used in the Nuremberg Chronicle with illustrations by Durer. In the 1830’s when sizing with rosin became popular, Arches continued using gelatin sizing. This decision further isolated Arches from competition. Renowned for clear color, transparent layers, and low page deformation. It’s prized so highly for conservation that in 1990, the spaceship, Discovery, sent 250 works on Arches paper into space for the future.

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