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E + M Germany

Artist Penholder with Nib - Mahogany

Artist Penholder with Nib - Mahogany

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The E+M Artists nib holder has an ergonomic shape similar to a paintbrush, making it excellent for art drawing or large lettering. Its long wooden body is balanced and lightweight in hand, and it will accommodate any standard calligraphy or comic dip pen nib. Included nib is made of nickel-plated brass. Black or mahogany colors available.

9.1” long 

Nib Holder Type: straight

E + M is a fourth generation company specializing in wooden writing instruments. THe company started in 1899 in Nuremberg and has since moved to Neumarkt. One of E + M’s major concerns is to keep the old traditions of classical manufacturing alive and to transform them into modern production processes. E + M sources their wood from sustainably managed forests. Additionally, the wood chips and wood waste that occurs during production are fed into a modern furnace to generate energy, which then heats the production and office facilities.

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